3 Minerals You Don’t Want to Be Without

With soils more depleted than ever, getting the key minerals we need for our core health isn’t quite as simple as it should be. It’s not just the foods either which are problematic, our own compromised digestive tracts often fail to absorb the things we need, even when we’re making the right food choices.

Into this complicated picture, more and more people are choosing to ensure their key mineral needs are met via supplementation. In this article we’ll explore 5 minerals which you should really focus on. If we’re to believe Nobel laureate Linus Pauling almost any health ailment can be traced back to a mineral deficiency of some kind. So choose your supplements wisely, and give them to your body as a gift to manifest optimum wellness. And then you can be the force for good in the world which you were born to be.


Found in shellfish like oysters, red blooded vegetables such as beetroot, green leafy veg like spinach, and of course meat itself like beef and chicken, iron is the great blood builder, helping the body carry oxygen efficiently. Iron has always been notoriously difficult to use as a supplement. Conventional forms can be irritating to the stomach lining, so we recommend a new product known as Nano Iron, which is a very efficient, and absorbable means of taking this essential nutrient.


Magnesium makes us a calm and chilled, and is something which are soils are notoriously depleted in! Could this be why we’re facing such a global pandemic of anxiety and depression? It is certainly possible, but the good news is wise food choices containing maca, cacao, nuts, tofu, leafy greens and seeds are going to help you combat this. Failing this, an old fashioned epsom salt bath can be a useful way to absorb your magnesium through the skin.


Wound healing, hormone production, and keeping your immune system strong are just some of the reasons to include zinc in your diet. Find zinc in oysters, pumpkin seeds, nuts, dairy, eggs and meat. A good crab soup is a famous grandmother’s remedy for colds and flu: partner it with some broccoli, kale and garlic and you’ll have a power packed meal indeed.

If you choose to supplement zinc, choose the citrate form of the mineral for easy supplementation.

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