5 Power Packed Greens to Supercharge Every Cell in Your Body

Today we’re going to talk about the extraordinary power of greens, those life-giving, detoxifying and cell-energising plants that play such an important part in any healthy diet. Now we’re not knocking your regular garden vegetables, in fact we heartily recommend you get the bulk of your vitamin and mineral needs from homegrown organics grown in your own back yard. But for most people, having the space, time and skills for horticulture is a pipe-dream at best.  The reality is you’re running for work, living in a less than perfect environment surrounded by all the toxins of modern life, and you want something powerful, easy to consume, and readily available. Well, we’ve got your back. Here are five of the most intense green superfoods we know of.


Spirulina is something we consider to be one of the most important plants on our planet for health. Actually a cyanobacterium it is a highly alkaline, protein-rich freshwater species which was used as a traditional foodstuff by the Aztecs, and certain parts of Africa. Read more on spirulina here.


A single-celled green algae that has been a popular superfood in Asia for over 50 years. This plant ranks as one of the most nutrient-rich on our planet though in nature its hard cell wall makes it difficult to reap the full benefits. For this reason, broken cell wall chlorella is the one to aim for, offering the full nutritional power with the ability for our bodies to absorb it. Check out more on chlorella here.

Marine Phytoplankton

For a long time scientists wondered what was behind the astonishing longevity and seemingly excellent health of whales. It turns out their diet of vast quantities of marine phytoplankton, the planet’s most ancient plant, and certainly one of it’s most nourishing, is a good place to start. It would take a whole article to really extol the virtues of this wonderful plant. In fact, you can read just that at the UK’s top phytoplankton resource.


The young sprouts of the wheat plant are an astonishingly dense source of nutrition. Anyone who has seen a dog going to a patch of grass to chew the new shoots will know that there are tremendous benefits to be had from grass. Wheatgrass is packed with magnesium, calcium and iron as well as glutathione and vitamin C . 5o reasons to drink it here.


The greens from Moringa oleifera, a tree native to Africa, are one of the newest superfoods on the scene, offering tremendous vitality, alkalinity and health to those who consume it. It is particularly valuable for it’s vitamin c, carotene, and quercetin – a potent histamine inhibitor and anti-inflammatory agent. Good piece on the African supergreen here.





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